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Intercultural Facilitation and Training for Groups

Coaching our Globe takes a highly customised approach to training. Before actually entering the training room, we will have assessed the organisation involved in order to understand the needs and tailor our Intercultural Training such that it is detailed, specific and relevant for your particular part of your organisation. In addition, after the training we conduct a thorough follow-up assessment and facilitate in planning concrete next-step actions for each team. Specifically we…

The method


  • Conduct pre-training interviews:
    with sponsors and key people in your teams.

  • Distribute customised pre-training questionnaire: to uncover both local and global strengths and concerns.

  • Tailor the training day: by targeting your group´s specific strengths and concerns as well as including relevant country specific behaviours as and when required.

  • Distribute customised post-training questionnaire: to get individual input towards setting next step goals and committing to these.

  • Post-training meeting: with sponsors to advise on possible intercultural solutions and suggestions on how best to move forward.

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