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Career coaching

It is important to understand that you may not get through all the listed services in the below program list.
We decide together what your needs and wishes are and go from there. We work at your speed and on services that you are requesting:

  • CV/Résumé advice and assistance in creation of a Swiss method/standard CV Résumé. In English and/or in German.

  • Overview of labour market.

  • Advice and information about the use of recruitment agencies, job portals, search engines and social media.

  • Interview preparation, interview training and interview debriefing.

  • Advice and where possible introduction into networking opportunities, both professional and social e.g. Business clubs, Chamber of Commerce events, expat groups etc., to get you better connected.

  • Advice on how to start your own business.

  • Information for career alternatives:

    • Perhaps a career break is just what is needed and a great opportunity to learn something new or give some of your skills and experience back into your new community.

    • Higher education & courses.

    • Hobbies and interests.

    • Career assessing and planning.

In other words, I:

  • support with info on where one might find what.

  • suggest what efforts may be more efficient successful than others.

  • am your sounding board for your ideas.

  • assist with CV.

  • assist with Cover letters.

  • give job search ideas.

  • locate and give networking info/ideas.

  • give information around interview tips/procedures, including rehearsing interviews.

  • assist with interview preparation and debrief.

  • am your expert for cultural insights.

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