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Did you notice that the rules have changed?
Or can you simply not get a grasp on what the rules in your new country are? Is common sense not so common at the moment? Do you feel you are the only normal person here? Do you feel
you are trying too hard and not achieving any results? The Vitamin Injection Workshop Is a
4 hour program for groups of up to 10 people. Each program is tailored to fit the cultural variety of the group, and aimed at assisting you in getting familiar with your new surroundings.
We will look at strategies to find the right tools to open the new culture up to you.

Teen Arrival Workshop

New room, new house, new street, new town,
new school, new country, new language, new friends, new rules, new culture. There is enough
to start on. Coaching our Globe will assist you in becoming more comfortable in your new environment. To help you understand important communication differences and to give you tools to assess new experiences from various perspectives in order for you to deepen your knowledge about your new surroundings as well
as how to leverage this knowledge. The Teen Arrival Workshop is designed for groups of up to 20 participants and is ideally split over 2-3 non-consecutive days, each session lasting 4 hour. 

Vitamin Injection Workshops

Vitamin Injection Workshops

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Samantha Jones

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