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Intercultural Facilitation and Training for Groups

During our trainings we will present strategies
and tools for increasing the intercultural awareness and highlighting the impacts of culture on
specific country and global business interactions alike. We equip each participant with the necessary set of intercultural tools to be able to make immediate adjustments in potential harmful intercultural behaviours and to leverage already effective intercultural competencies. This will minimise the potential intercultural barriers, which normally may lead to damaged work relationships and loss of efficiency.

The benefits


  • Trainer expert presentations

  • Use of relevant Country Experts

  • Group discussions

  • Split group and individual exercises

  • Role plays

  • Case studies

  • Group intercultural action planning

  • Personal intercultural success planning

We have found the best method for learning often includes direct, hands-on experience. Therefore, participants will be entering into an interactive, experiential training where intercultural tools and competencies are taught, challenged, explored and then put to immediate use. Specifically, this is done through:

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