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Coaching our globe

I am Peter Nielsen and since 2002 I live and thrive
in Switzerland. Since 2004 I have assisted mainly foreign professionals who have found themselves in Switzerland and who would like to either continue their current career path or who would like to pursue a new career here.

I am an easygoing, emphatic, and focused coach, who enjoys helping people. I have worked in an international capacity all my life, and have a solid intercultural understanding, which broadens my core Germanic personality. This combination gives me a solid insight into the international environment we often find ourselves in and gives me a good access helps me when it comes to understand and explain what it is local and international employers are looking for in the people they are looking to hire.

My coaching clients come from all over the globe
and have very diverse backgrounds. Some are
in Switzerland for a relatively short period of time and
want to explore new career opportunities, others are adamant to continue along their once chosen career path, and some come to me to just try and get comfortable with life in their new environment and are looking for a purpose filled life during their time here.

Check me out on LinkedIn:

UID: CHE-401.952.112

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